April 6, 2008


Wow, it's been a couple of years since I last did a Blogorama post. Now that I'm around 250 feeds in my Bloglines, I think it's time to update here on some cool new-to-me blogs I've discovered in the last little while. And yes, it's time to trim the subscriptions a little.

  • Whatever by John Scalzi. It's not really about science or libraries but Scalzi often does post about issues that interest me as a participant in the Internet reputation economy. Or lack thereof, in my case. A couple of really good recent posts in that vein are Fame or Lack Thereof and The Problem With 1,000 True Fans. They later is a pretty depressing analysis of how "easy" it is to convert reputation into cash.

  • WoW! Wouter on the Web by Dutch librarian Wouter Gerritsma. Infrequent, but lots of good commentary on the way libraries could be.

  • Digital Curation Blog. "Blog inspired by the Digital Curation Centre to discuss issues relating to the curation and long term preservation of digital science and research data." Excellent new blog on a topic libraries and librarians need to keep on top of.

  • shimenawa by Peter Brantley, Executive Director of the Digital Library Federation. Commentary about where library collections and services are headed.

  • Librarian in Red. "I am a Librarian at a governmental research and development aerospace laboratory. I find topics of information architecture and information usability very exciting. When I'm not being a library geek, I am a World of Warcraft geek/Star Wars geek/Dog lover. I am a geek onion." I am a geek onion. Classic!

  • if:book is supposed to be about the future of the book, but really it's about the future of the transmission of culture. Coincidentally, the most recent post on Tex is dear to the heart of the geek onion in me.

  • The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. By turns brilliant and frustrating it's well worth reading. Most recent post: Anderson actually thinks newspapers are doing relatively well!

  • apophenia by danah boyd. Wide ranging commentary on the culture of the web. Best of here.

  • Joho the Blog and Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. A bit like Chris Anderson, by turns frustrating and brilliant (though I'll admit, mostly less frustrating) commentary of the miscellaneousness of the culture we live in.

  • Tools of Change for Publishing and O'Reilly FYI. Two blogs from tech publisher O'Reilly. The ToC blog is really interesting because you get to see a forward thinking publisher in the process of rethinking what publishing is.

  • business|bytes|genes|molecules by Deepak Singh. Not too many blogs that cover the escience and science 2.0 bioinformatics scenes better than this one. But is it mmgb, ggmm, mgbm?

  • Science-Based Medicine. A woo-free zone. Great posts on acupuncture and other so-called complimentary and alternative medical treatments.

  • Open Reading Frame by Bill Hooker. Bill Hooker is at the forefront of re-imagining what scientific publishing could be.

  • Science and Religion News by Salman Hameed.

  • Michael Nielson, like Bill Hooker, is thinking hard about how science could be communicated in a reputation economy. Cool recent post on collaboration.

  • Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood. Amusing and insightful commentary on the life of a coder.

  • Shtetl-Optimized by Scott Aaronson. We all need more theoretical computer science blogs in our blogrolls.

  • Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard. Rosenberg is the author of Dreaming in Code, one of my favourite recent books. His next one will be about blogs and bloggers.

And one for the fun of it -- I just love Pulp of the Day!

So, who out there should be blogging but isn't yet? C'mon, you know who you are...Stacy, Jen, Tim?


WoW!ter said...

Thanks for the mention. Infrequent? I aim for at least one post a week. Perhaps two. If you really want more, you should try my Dutch blog ;)

John Dupuis said...

wow!ter, you're right. Looking over your blog, you usually post 2 or 3 times per week which is not too far off my own frequency these days. As Maxwell Smart used to say, "Sorry about that, Chief!"

Now, if you had a French blog...

Anonymous said...

If I did an analysis, it would probably be bmgb or mbgb, but they just don't sound as good :).

Thanks for the mention. Hopefully we can hang out at an airport again some day