April 11, 2008

Friday Fun: Greatest comedy sketches of all time!

After that last post, I need to take a bit of a mental shower.

The perfect thing is to check out the fifty greatest comedy sketches of all time. I can't believe Who's on First only made it to 2nd place! Anyways, a perfect list to argue with and dispute and, especially, brighted up you day.

via BoingBoing.


David J. Fiander said...

I think that "Who's on First" and "Dead Parrot" are definitely the top two, and I'm not going to try to argue about which is which.

What I'm shocked at is the fact that there's _no_ Wayne and Shuster!

John Dupuis said...

David, I agree that choosing between "Who's on First" and "Dead Parrot" is really impossible. I'm influenced by memories from when I was a little kid and I was a big A&C fan.