April 11, 2008

Fear the library

By turns ugly and amusing, check out this post: The 5 People Who Make Me Hate the Public Library.

It if were a bit more amusing and correspondingly less ugly, I might have put it under Friday Fun like a couple of posts from the same blog a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I'm having trouble even reading the post all the way through.

Are there 5 (or more) kinds of people that keep students out of academic libraries?


Anonymous said...

i'd say there are at least 5 types in an academic library: the cell phone users who think we want to hear their conversations, the "let's hide the journal issue that everyone in my class needs" type, the "spill coffee on the computer workstation but don't report it", the "computer hog" who camps out all day, the "group study" group in a "quiet only" area, oh yeah, I could go on and on about this one!

John Dupuis said...

I think I recognize all those people!