April 2, 2007

Where should I post my science book reviews

Update: Last day to vote!

As most of you have no doubt noticed, I have been doing pretty regular science book reviews these last several months (I'm currentlly working on the review of Struck by Lightning by Jeffrey Rosenthal). My practice has been to post the text of the review on my regular reading diary blog and link to that review here. My reasoning for this arrangement was two fold. Mostly I thought it was a good idea to keep all my book reviews together in one place, whether they be reviews of sf novels or popular science books, one stop shopping for my book reviews. The other reason was to try and direct a bit more traffic over to the other blog. I get about a fifth to a tenth of the traffic there that I do here and I figured I'd spread the love a little more evenly.

I've been thinking about this arrangement a bit the last few weeks and I'm no longer sure it reflects my current desires. First of all, I used to see my science book reviewing as quite peripheral to my main mission, an amusing sideline; now I see it more closely related to that mission: to better understand science, (budding) scientists and the culture of science with the idea that with better understanding comes a better level of library service. And as far as traffic is concerned, to the extent that I care about it at all, the traffic that I care about is the traffic here. It's the other blog that's the amusing sideline.

So, what to do? In the spirit of fun, I thought I'd run a little poll and let you, my faithful readers, decide what I should do. I can either maintain the status quo and post the reviews to the other blog with a link here, do the reverse and post the full text here and a link from the other blog or just post the full text in both places and be done with it.

Have I already decided? Not by a long shot. I'm certainly open to the idea that my readers aren't that interested in my book reviews and want them off to the side. I'm also open to the idea that my readers would like to be able to see the reviews in their feed readers without jumping to another blog.

Let me know what you think, either by voting or a comment or both. I'll give it a couple of weeks before closing the poll. I'll also put this post on top a couple of times during that period.

Where should I post my science book reviews?
Full text on Reading Diary, link here (ie. status quo)
Full text here, link on Reading Diary
Full text on both blogs
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Update 2007.03.23: changed post date to current date.

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