May 25, 2007

Great Scoble Show videos

A bunch of really good ones I caught up on last night:

  • BlogHer founders ready for Chicago ConFab is a 48 minute interview with the founders of the BlogHer women's blog community and conference, one that I wasn't really familiar with before. I'd heard of it but not really explored it. Actually it's really interesting, with lots of academic and scitech bloggers that I'd not encountered before. In any case, the interview is mostly about what drove these three women (Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins) to found the community and conference and their philosophy of community. It might be a little too much about delivering women's eyeballs to corporate advertisers for my liking, but somebody's got to pay the bills, I guess.

  • Getting Photographic at Computer History Museum is true computer history geeky wonderfulness. It's an interview with Mark Richards, the photographer for the new book Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers which is based on the collections of the Computer History Museum. I gotta get me this book (not to mention a copy for the collection, natch).

  • Finally, a four-part State of Second Life: talking with Second Life's embedded reporter interview with James Au (1, 2, 3, 4). A lot here on the inner workings of Second Life, what goes on inside, and how to be a "reporter" in a place that doesn't really exist. I haven't watched all the interviews yet, but what I have seen is pretty good.

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