May 28, 2007

Publishers must blog!

Michael Cairns of PersonaNonData has a great post of the if-you-can't-beat-em-join-ed variety:, Publishers Must Blog:

If you can’t beat them join them: Developing a social media strategy that encompasses blogging should be a foundation of all publishing house marketing and promotion plans. I have mentioned before (in relationship to book reviews) that I am less convinced of the value of typical marketing programs supporting book promotion. My macro view above can only be mitigated by joining the new media fray and developing networks of interested parties that can nurture, support and perhaps develop content that you produce as a publishing house. As market segments evolve, I think they will become narrower and more defined and publishers that support communities (via social) must be able to participate in these communities in a meaningful way in order to be successful. This is already the case on computer book publishing.

It's quite a long post with a lot of good points, so it's well worth checking out in it's entirety. In fact, Michael makes a lot of points that are relevant to why anyone or any organization with any public presence would want to blog:
As I thought about the theme of the panel meeting, my thought process mirrored the approach I took and the benefits I saw in establishing a blog.
  • Blogging gave me an opportunity to experiment with new technology
  • I became a publisher/content producer and, as traffic increases, one with responsibility to an audience
  • Develop a personality beyond a ‘resume’ or existing professional reputation
  • As popularity increases, the blog becomes a center of a growing network of interest
  • Expands a professional network: who knew there were as many people with shared views and perspectives?

Libraries, library directors, subject librarians, department chairs, profs, deans, presidents, research vps -- I think that Michael's points would be well worth bringing up to a wide variety of actors in the university environment.

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