May 23, 2007

History of Programming Languages

Now this going to be a cool conference: 3rd ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of Programming Languages, 2007, San Diego, California, June 09 - 10, 2007.

Some highlights from the 12 papers that are going to be presented and that are already in the ACM DL:


Anonymous said...

So, three HOPL conference, and Lisp's been represented at all three (even if it's "just" the opening keynote this time).

And I have been told that certain members of Bell Labs consider a certain language sequel inventor to be pretty much a 'one trick pony'.

John Dupuis said...

Well, I have to admit Lisp's one language I never learned but I guess I do appreciate it's importance to the history of such things and I think it's becomming more apparent in a lot of the new languages.

As for some++ languages, well let's just say they had their time in the sun (not Sun, of jcourse) and we should all just weed the books out of our collections...