January 18, 2008

Friday Fun: Death to Star Trek!

The newest source of SF snark on the we these days is the io9, brought to you by the same folks as Gizmodo and other such not-so-serious blogs.

So far it's a bit hit-and-miss, as I think they try and post too much every day. There's just not that much worth making fun of in the SF world every day. (OK, maybe there is enough, but they are still probably trying too hard).

Anyways, one real HIT a little while ago was a post Six Reasons Why Star Trek Should Stay Dead. Now, I'm probably a fair bit older that the io9ers, so I remember when Trek was as good as it got for SF tv, so I might have considerably fonder memories than they do. All the same, the post is spot on when it comes to the state of Trek today.

As an example:

5. Obsessive continuity and reveling in cheese. Rumor has it the new Trek movie will feature tribbbles and the Guardian of Forever, and god knows what other callbacks to ancient episodes. Trek also groans under the weight of cliches it can never outgrow, from "beam me up" to "warp nine" to "shields down to 59 percent."

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