January 3, 2008

Open Lab 2007: The winning entries

The nominations have closed, the voting has been completed and the editors (Bora Zivkovic and Reed Cartwright) have made their final choices. We now know which 52 posts (50 + 1 poem and 1 cartoon) will be in the book due out in time for the 2008 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference!

I certainly can't wait for the final product so I can read all the great posts in their final form and full in-print glory. I intend to review the book here as part of a group post with other scitech essay anthologies, like I did last year.

For the record, I nominated a dozen or so posts, mostly CS-related, as well as self-nominating two of my own posts, neither of which were selected. This year I was also lucky enough to be asked to be one of the judges and take part in the voting on the 486 posts that were nominated. I read nearly all the posts and probably voted on at least 400 of them. It was a great experience, adding quite a few new blogs to my already groaning Bloglines account. I definitely want to thank Bora and Reed for this wonderful opportunity to contribute to a great project.

Next year? Well, let's just say I'm already tagging posts for nomination!

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