January 25, 2008

Friday Fun: Top Classic Rock Live Albums of all Time

Via BWBK, Classic Rock Revisited gives two nice lists of the Top 50 live albums of all time, giving both their own picks and readers' picks.

I love live albums and have quite a few in my collection. There are many bands that are kind of on the edges of my tastes where I only bother to get a live album or two. Of course, the lists concentrate on classic rock; for myself, a lot that I have in the harder rock part of the spectrum as well as blues and non-classic rock are left off the lists so I'm only at about 12-15 in the two lists. Anyways, take a look at the lists, count your own, argue, dispute and what ever it is you do when confronted with "Best All Time" lists.


Peter Bromberg said...

Where's Allman's Live at the Fillmore East? Yikes, that's an oversight!

John Dupuis said...

Er, isn't it #2 critics, #4 readers?

Peter Bromberg said...

John, I'll take your word for it, the page won't load for me now. Glad to hear it's there. I kept wondering, "did I miss it?" I guess I did --and how!