January 11, 2008

Friday Fun: Just Read It!

A nice little note from Syed Karim:

I'm a master's student in the University of Illinois LIS program. I got a little bored over the weekend and called up some friends to put together a literacy-promoting parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", except in our case it's called "Read It". It may have been awhile since you last saw the original Beat It video, so in order to get the full effect of the parody, you might want to watch both videos at the same time in separate browsers. The video was just posted in this week's ALA Direct and I think the SLA is going to put it in their next issue of Connections. I thought that you and your readers might get a kick out of it.

The link to the original Beat It:

The link to our version--Read It:

The video is absolutely hilarious. Well worth checking out.

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