June 13, 2008

Friday Fun: Summer movie reading

Bookgasm has a great run down of all the trashy books -- novels, comics and nonfiction -- that you can get to accompany your trashy summer movie watching!

There's stuff coming out for Indiana Jones, X-Files, The Mummy, Iron Man, Speed Racer, The Hulk, Wanted, Hellboy and Batman!

I'm probably most tempted by the X-Files stuff, so here's a sample:



Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Enjoyed your blog very much, in particular your reading recommendations. I am a fanatical collector and reader.

Take care and keep posting.

Bob the wayfarer

John Dupuis said...

Thanks, Bob! Keep on reading and collecting -- do you collect sf&f or science stuff?

I'm sort of tempted to start collecting Einstein-related stuff myself, but I know it would be a huge area to get into!

kathleen duey said...

I enjoyed reading through some of your posts and wish I lived close enough to come join the science sessions. I write sociological fantasy novels, so would just listen.

Yes, yes, blogging sucks up time, but it is an oddly compelling thing to do. I think it must awaken some old human urge to carve a mark in a tree trunk, or chisel initials in a boulder, paint bison on a cave wall...?

Chris F. said...

I loved watching the X-Files during its original run especially the first five seasons. I have more X-Files stuff than I know what to do with.