June 16, 2008

Nature Network Toronto Pub Night: Wednesday, June 18 at 8pm

Check out this event posting on the Nature Network Toronto Group:

There will be a pub night for people in the Toronto Nature Group, and for those thinking of joining, on Wednesday June 18th at the Duke of York (39 Prince Arthur Avenue).

Please pass on the message to your friends and colleagues – they don’t have to be a member to come along! It will be a great opportunity to meet other people in the GTA who are interested in different areas of science.

By a handy coincidence, there will be a Cafe Scientifique on the “Future of Medecine” taking place at the Duke of York from 6 to 8pm, so we’ve moved the time for our pub night back a little to 8pm so that people can go to both.

Organizer Jen Dodd emailed me this little blurb promoting the group. Of course, the longer term goal is getting a Toronto Hub for Nature Network.
To kick off the Nature Network Toronto Group, we're having a pub night at the Duke of York (39 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto) at 8pm on Wednesday June 18.

The Toronto Group is an online community of scientists and people with an interest in science from the Greater Toronto Area. We'll be having online discussions aimed at keeping you informed of local science events, and events to meet and network with each other - such as the upcoming Pub Night.

Check us out on http://network.nature.com/group/toronto!

You're welcome to join us at the pub night whether you're a member or just thinking about signing up - hope to see you there!

Update 2008.06.17
: Forgot to mention the Facebook event.

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