June 16, 2008

It's all about me

Sincere apologies for so many inwardly focused posts lately, but this is one more.

Last Monday's appearance as the Blogger Blog of Note fortuitously lead to a rather nice little item about the blog and me in today's Y-File, York's internal email newsletter. Thanks to Sandra McLean for such a nice profile!

(FWIW, the blog got got over 12,000 hits in the week following the Blog of Noting -- compared to the 600-700 hits per week I've been getting lately that's quite a jump. Even today, a week later, I'll end up over 1000 hits.)

Update 2008.07.07: the Y-File story was reposted in ylife, the student email newsletter. As well, my sister Michele pointed out to me that the Y-File story was also highlighed on Academica a few weeks ago.

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