March 26, 2007

The Blogerati Files:

Eva Amsen of Toronto science blog has just been interviewed on the BlogTO site.

It's a fun interview, more on general Toronto culture rather than any a real probing of science-bloggy proportions. My favourite little exerpt:

I started easternblot because I got frustrated with people thinking of science as something alien and difficult, while it's actually so common. Food, sports, social interactions, and movies all have some science behind them that we just don't tend to think of as "science". I wanted to give the science of daily life some attention, especially for people who claim they don't like or understand science. At the same time, a lot of art is science-inspired, and I also write about that.

We also find out where the name of her blog came from.

One strange little factoid about the interview is that they don't actually mention her name anywhere. I mean, she's not anonymous by any means, so it is very odd.

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