March 7, 2007

L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women In Science Awards

Jacqueline DaSilva of Ruder Finn informs me that 5 women scientists were awarded the L’OREAL-UNESCO AWARDS For Women in Science on February 22nd.

The women are:

  • Ameenah Gurib-Fakim from Mauritius (Laureate for Africa)
  • Ligia Gargallo from Chile (Laureate for Latin America)
  • Mildred Dresselhaus from the USA (Laureate for North America)
  • Margaret Brimble from New Zealand (Laureate for Asia-Pacific)
  • Tatiana Birshtein from Russia (Laureate for Europe)

There's lots more information on the web site, including a list of international fellowships awarded to promising women scientists.

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