March 29, 2007

Libraries at the Cutting Edge

Libraries at the Cutting Edge by By Pamela Snelson, president of the ACRL, appears in today's InsideHigherEd.

The trendiest meeting place on many college campuses these days features a coffee bar, wireless Internet zones, free entertainment and special programs, modern lounge areas and meeting rooms.

And free access to books. Lots of books.

This educational social hub is the campus library, which is beginning to look more like an Internet café than the academic library you remember from your college days.

It's all pretty standard stuff, from our insider point of view, but it's nice to see it articulated in a venue like InsideHigherEd where faculty can be reminded that even though they haven't stepped into the library in a while, their students still do.

InsideHigherEd often has these very positive library-related articles, which is something I very much appreciate.

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