March 23, 2007

Friday Fun: The Future of Web 2.0

LOL! Really, this stuff is just too funny for words. Take a look at The Future of Web 2.0 by Nat Torkington over at O'Reilly Radar:

2009: The fascination with widgets leads Firefox 4 to integrate with the native operating system's desktop to offer a new cross-platform widget environment. Out of respect for the diligent workers still building the Semantic Web, it is agreed that we'll reserve "3.0" for their work. Bloggers skip that number and go straight to Web 3.1.

And on, and on, and on, you will see the advent of Web 286, Web 3.1, Web NT, Web 95, Web 98, Web XP and Web Vista. What, no Web ME? (The scary thing is, the first Windows I used was the pre-3.1 version, which I thought really sucked big time. I was a pretty dedicated command line guy until Win 95. I also used to prefer WordStar to Word.)

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