March 21, 2007


It seems that there's a meme growing out there. List five non-library blogs that you read. There's a mixture of ones that are still work related and ones that are just for fun, and I'll keep that mix for my list.

  1. Scobleizer and its companion vblog The Schoble Show I'll count as one. These are great blogs, filled with tons of cool techie stuff, mostly not all that relevant to libraries but still fun. The latest bunch of video wonderfullness is a tour of Microsoft Research. The full one-hour vid is here.

  2. Persona Non Data by Michael Cairns is a blog I've only just discovered. He covers a lot of general publishing related news with lots of commentary too. Cairns was president of Bowker for a while. More on this blog in the near future (literally, he says foreshadowingly).

  3. The Yourdon Report is by famed software engineering author Ed Yourdon. I've read lots of his books over the years and he never fails to hit the right note. If there can be said to be something called popular software engineering literature, Ed Yourdon practically invented it. Take a look at his latest post on the $100 laptop project.

  4. The ScienceBlogs combined feed is flat-out the most useful non-library feed that I read. Want to learn something about how scientists tick? Most of the best science bloggers on the planet all in one place? This is the place.

  5. Time for a fun one. Via PND, I discovered that Pete Townshend has a blog! The Who have always been my absolute favourite rock band and I've followed Townshend's solo career since the min-70s.

Doing this list also made me notice that I haven't done a regular Blogorama post in a while. Maybe later this week.

First noticed on Walt at Random.

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