November 20, 2007

Amazon's new Kindle

The blogosphere is all a-twitter about Amazon's new Kindle ebook reader. I don't have one and wouldn't even think of getting one until it's well under $100 and the ebooks are in the $5 range. Not to mention that it isn't even available in Canada yet. (iPhones too. What's up with that?)

But, I do have a compendium of blogospheric reactions, mostly slightly negative but a few wildly positive, to share:

Update 2007.11.21 with more links:

And more 2007.11.22:

And a few questions:

  • Is the future having a bunch of single purpose devices that are really good at one job or having one multipurpose device that may not be equally good at every task?

  • What if I'd rather spend my money on content rather than content-reading devices? In other words, is a reader worth the 40 books I could have bought with the same amount of money? The people that make and sell the devices certainly think so, but how about the people that make a living off selling content?

  • Is the book industry heading the same way as the music industry? Is the value of the content to the consumer tending towards $0?

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