November 2, 2007

Friday Fun: Bookstore Tourism Edition

Now this is my idea of a good time!

The grassroots Bookstore Tourism movement
celebrates and sustains independent bookstores
by organizing group "road trips" to cities and towns
with great bookshops, literary sites and libraries.

I love visiting new and cool independent bookstores whenever I'm in a new city, especially used bookstores because they're the ones that are especially full of unexpected treasures!

A little known fact about me is that I collect bookmarks from bookstores that I visit in my travels. I love bookmarks and make it a point to pick some up where ever I can; and I really prefer free promo bookmarks to the ones you buy at shops and such. The only exception, of course, are bookmarks that you can get at museums or other places that celebrate and commemorate the visit to that place. I have hundreds of them at home! Another cool bookmark happening for me is when I find an old bookmark in a book that I buy at a used bookstore. The older the better.


Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Baltimore, you need to go find the Book Thing. You can walk in and keep any book you find on the shelves. It's in this little unfinished warehouse without any air conditioning and you can only find it by traveling back alleys. Their selection is really amazing -- last time I went I found "How to Publish a Scientific Paper" by Robert Day.

John Dupuis said...

Bring it on!

Larry Portzline said...

Thanks for the mention, John! -- Larry