November 9, 2007

Friday Fun: Existential Crisis Edition

I had some other plans for Friday Fun today. Monopoly and searching for cats are just going to have to wait for another week or two.

So who the heck is the Annoyed Librarian? An who is Meredith Farkas? Who am I? Who are you? Who is anybody?

I am very, very confused.

PS to MF & AL: Couldn't you guys (guy?) have waited until April 1st to screw with our heads like this?


waltc said...

As I just noted at Christina's place (after suggesting that she was really John DuPuis), it really is going to be difficult for some group of us to top that on 4/1/08.

Planning committees, a group wiki, a metablog, and other development efforts will, of course, begin immediately. Or not. (And no, I'm still not Leslie Burger.)

John Dupuis said...

I can't even imagine what could top this one. I wonder if we'll ever really know how it transpired.

And I'm not sure about the Christina thing, as I commented at her place:

"Actually, Christina and I have been seen together on several occasions, some of which have included alcohol.

Now, Walt, you and I on the other hand...we just might be the same person."