November 13, 2007

Open Laboratory 2007 - last call for submissions

As Bora reminds us, The 2008 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference is fast approaching. I'll be there as will a bunch of other people, including a pretty decent librarian contingent.

But the purpose of this post is to remind everyone that conference organizer Bora Zivkovic and his collaborator are editing a 2007 edition of Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs which is to coincide with the conference.

As science bloggers and science blog readers we can all contribute to the anthology by nominating posts, either our own or those from other blogs that we read. This post explains all the details. Bora kindly lists all the posts that have been nominated so far; A quick perusal of the list will indicate that I have been hard at work nominating posts from the computer science blogosphere but more work needs to be done. Math and CS are still under represented; there's almost nothing from engineering and nothing yet from scitech librarian blogs. I do plan on self-nominating some posts, probably a couple of the least librarian-y of the interviews. Don't be shy! Give your favourite posts a chance to shine.

The submission for is here.

Update 2007.11.15: Bora profiles a couple of NIH librarians attending the conference.

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