December 4, 2006


It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, and it seems that I've added a whole ton of new feeds. The interesting thing is that I've added a few library blogs, which I haven't done in a while. As usual, any suggestions for good library or scitech blogs are appreciated.

  • News is a new blog for the ACM Computing Reviews service. It looks like it'll be pretty interesting, especially since they'll be highlighting new Hot Topics essays like this one on Game Theory & Electronic Markets. Organizational blogs like this one seem to go one of two ways -- either they catch on and become good sources or they seem to lose interest internally and get less interesting over time. Here's hoping the the Computing Reviews folk fall firmly in the former category.
  • Search Engine Land -- lots of posts about the search engine industry. It'll be interesting in a few months whether I end up following this blog, Search Engine Watch's blog, or both.
  • Brian Gray's newish blog, Are you 2.0 yet? is an interesting look at L2 from a scitech library perspective.
  • Library 2.0: An Academic's Perspective by Laura Cohen offers occasional thoughful & provocative essays on various issues where academic librarianship & L2 collide. Kind of like a review journal, in a way.
  • LibraryZen blog -- the blog that compliments the wonderful new search engine, LISZEN.
  • Time's Eye on Science -- I'm always willing to try new general interest science blogs, and this looks like a good one. These do tend to have a short life expectency on my feed reader, though, so it remains to be seen if it'll keep my interest long term.
  • Center for Science Writings Blog is by John Horgan's institution, so it should be good. Not too frequent posting so far.
  • Galactic Interactions -- Rob Knop's blog, mixing science, science studies, politics and other stuff.
  • Adventures in Applied Math is a good new-to-me CS blog.
  • Science Books Blog. Just what it sounds like. I'm hoping that this stays a long term, vital source of commentary and recommendations.
  • Knowing and Doing -- A blog by computer scientist Eugene Wallingford. A good blog that gives real insight into the life of an academic cs prof.
  • Egg -- Like a Bird's Egg is, as I've mentioned before, Chris Leonard's new blog. Chris is a former editor at Elsevier, now at Phys Math Central.
  • Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk and Science Musings Blog are two philosophy of science blogs. I always like to add a couple of thoseas they keep us all honest.


Anonymous said...


Since you like sci / tech, please check out my blog: Geek Counterpoint.


Lorne Ipsum

John Dupuis said...

Thanks, Lorne (great name, by the way). Feed added and I'll be certain to give the podcast a listen.