December 29, 2006

Time to update your feeds

Well, there had to be a snag, didn't there.

It seems that when you update your template in the new Blogger, it gets rid of your old feed, in my case the In other words, the feed the vast majority of my subscribers use. You figure Blogger could maintain the old feed for simplicity's sake, or at least make it very apparent BEFORE you upgrade that you feed is going to disappear. That way, you could send out a message to let your subsribers know that it's going to happen while you still can. Of course, after the upgrade, it's too late.

In any case, the new feed is
The FeedBurner feed also seems to be still working.

I knew I should have done all my experimenting on the other blog.

Update: Either Blogger or Bloglines seems to have adjusted and picked up the feed with the old url. Never mind, everything seems to be ok now.

Update 2007.01.01: The feed here seems to be broken. I'm going to try and fix it, but I'm not hopeful. If by some miracle, you use that feed and happen to be reading this anyway, one of other feeds is a better idea at this point.


Christina said...

I'm subbed to:
and I got the one about the feeds being updated, but nothing after. Thanks for the heads up

John Dupuis said...

You're welcome. I've just sent out another post and I hope that everyone who uses the old feed moves over to the newer feeds. The wcc feed was actually the first one for the blog, before Blogger added support for atom feeds.