December 3, 2006

LabLit Survey: Best way to inspire young scientists?

Run on over to LabLit to give your answer to the survey:

  • Kid's TV programs with lots of explosions
  • Not being afraid to teach the subjects in depth
  • Intriguing scientist role models in films, books and on TV
  • Shift culture so that science is celebrated, not feared
  • Featuring scientists in celeb mags like Hello

I chose "Intriguing scientist role models in films, books and on TV" because that's where I think kids build an identification with various roles -- be it police officer, doctor, lawyer, whatever. I'm sure if someone took the trouble to invesitgate the issue that the professions that are best represented in the media are also the most popular among students and with the most diversity among those students. Kids see the stars in the media and the natural inclination is to say, "Hey, I could do that!"

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