December 22, 2006

Year end

I might have one or two more posts for today or tomorrow, then that'll be it for this year. I'll be back sometime during the first or second week of January. During the break, I'll be (finally) upgrading to the new version of Blogger next week and will probably do a test post or two, but those I'll just delete when I'm done. I may also review a science book or two on the other blog, posting links here, but that's probably the extent of it.

Looking forward to next year, some notes on what I have in mind, from a blogging point of view:

  • I'm pretty happy with my sabbatical posting frequency of 3-5 posts per week and will endeavor to maintain that rate. I also hope to maintain the current ratio of longer vs. shorter posts. There's been a bit of an increase in hits on the blog, most likely due to a combination of more thoughtful posts and greater frequency. The most recent My Job in 10 Years post was probably my most popular post ever, in terms of hits, although curiously it didn't seem to generate a lot of mentions in other parts of the biblioblogosphere leaving me to wonder how it got so many hits.

  • I hope to complete the My Job in 10 Years series in the January/February time frame. The remaining chapters will probably include posts on Instruction, Physical & Virtual Spaces, Outreach to faculty and students and some sort of Conclusion. I'm hoping that none of them get out of control like the Collections posts and end up at thousands of words.

  • I've had post bubbling under for several months now where I want to take a close look at Google Scholar and see how it could become a really good tool for general purpose research.

  • The conference (and conference blogging) travel picture is still uncertain. SLA in Denver seems likely, as does Computers in Libraries. Also the World Horror Convention is in Toronto in 2007.

  • I'm certainly attending the Ontario Library Association Super Conference, where I'll be presenting and convening. I definately plan to blog the conference. And since York is hosting WILU in 2007, I'm pretty sure I attend and blog that conference as well.

Lots of bloggers seem to be doing this year end summary meme, so I'll join it. What you do is copy down the first sentence for the first post of each month for the year.

January: A potpourri of bookmarks sitting around my desktop, many only vaguely related to our core mission here.

There's lots of jargon and acromym-speak out there in the tech world and sometimes it can be hard to wade through it all, especially when something new and hot appears on your radar and you want ot get a handle on it.

March: Another long article comparing Wikipedia to Britannica, this time at Information Today.

April: From Marika Asimakopulos on PAMNET.

May: From The Infinite Matrix, Eileen Gunn's haunting Tour of Chernobyl.

June: As usual, O'Reilly has a good idea that other scitech publishers should take note of.

July: Brian Gray at e3 Information Overload is hosting the latest Tangled Bank carnival.

August: But I probably won't resume regular blogging for a few more days.

September: In the back-to-school spirit, via John Scalzi, a list of Top Ten No Sympathy Lines (Plus a Few Extra) by Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.

October: I must admit to getting addicted to all the A/V stuff going on out there in the science-y web.

November: From Ubiquity (all OA)

December: Two quickies for a Friday afternoon.

Conclusions? I seem to like doing laundry list posts at the beginning of the month, but me noting down my reading lists has always been an integral part of this blog anyway. Also, I seem to like to use links and quotes to start off my own posts and get my own thoughts going. Also not much of a surprise.

In any case, for those of you celebrating something this time of year (even if only a brief respite), enjoy.

Update: Added WILU to conference list.

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