December 16, 2006

Write a book about your entire book stock and turn left at Albuquerque

Think of this post as a slightly late Friday Fun post...

Via the Information Literacy Weblog, I came across the mind-stunningly hilarious Library 2.0 Idea & Equation Generator!

The basic idea is to create a kind of comedy mashup of various silly and real ideas to create even more silly and, occasionally surprisingly interesting real ideas.

Check the comments out in the blog post for some more random silliness. I'll put a few of the ones I got below:

  • mashup communities of interest and apply a liberal amount of lipstick
  • evangelize about your patrons and call them a ''perpetual beta''
  • revitalize eBay and use it to replace all of your librarians
  • social networks + Netflix model = Second Life
  • Michael Gorman + Casey Bisson's WordPress OPAC = patron's privacy
  • Inter Library Loans + OPAC = Library 2.0

Really, this stuff is just too close to being real sometimes. And those Bugs Bunny references just slay me.

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