December 19, 2006

Inkling has arrived!

The inkycircus dynamic duo of Anna Gosline and Anne Casselman have launched a new popular science webzine called Inkling. I particularly like their subtitle: "On the hunch that SCIENCE ROCKS!"

In the LabLit interview they describe the project:

Why did you decide to launch the magazine? What are its main goals and who is the target audience?

Why? Because we think there needs to be a new voice in science journalism and we think we'd have a lot of fun helping writers and artists provide it. The main goal is really to make science more approachable, more fun, something that people can relate to better. The target audience is everyone who is curious about science but mildly turned off the heavier publications out there today. And according to the big science magazine's readership stats, many of those people are women.

Which I think is a great idea, to have a fun, accessible magazine that women and men, boys and girls, can all enjoy and learn from. Is dumbing down a possible issue? Sure, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt and enjoy the first crop of articles -- they are all short and punchy, fun but with some good content. From the about page:
Inkling is an often updated magazine on the web dedicated to science as we see it. Founded in late 2006, we cover the science that pervades our life, makes us laugh, and helps us choose our breakfast foods. We aim to capture a larger proportion of female readers, but, of course, everyone is always welcome.

Some of the articles from the first issue, definately showing a bit of flare and sauciness not often seen in other science publications.
And a whole bunch of others, all well worth checking out. Email subscription and rss notification are both available for the 1.0 and 2.0 amongst us. via inkycircus which was via LabLit.

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