January 9, 2007

Conference & OA call for papers

Thought I'd combine these two bits of news...

  • ENRICHING THE ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE OF COLLEGE SCIENCE STUDENTS, May 22-24, 2007 at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

    Plan to attend this national conference May 22-24, 2007 at the
    University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Conference sessions will cover
    topics related to:

    ---peer-based programs
    ---collaborative learning and supplemental instruction
    ---increasing participation of underrepresented students in the sciences
    ---science study skills and/or tutoring and/or advising
    ---innovative uses of technology in science education
    ---undergraduate research and service learning programs
    ---learning communities
    ---and much more...

    The conference will provide a gathering place for a diverse group of
    educators, including learning center professionals, faculty, program
    directors and others who are committed to supporting undergraduate
    science students outside of the formal classroom. We are inviting
    educators from all types of colleges and universities, including
    two-year community colleges and four-year comprehensive, liberal arts,
    and research institutions.

    The conference will feature approximately 50 concurrent sessions plus
    two featured speakers: Saundra Y. McGuire, director of the Center for
    Academic Success at Louisiana State University and Robert Megginson,
    mathematician and associate dean for undergraduate and graduate
    education at the University of Michigan.

  • Open Access Research (OAR): Call for Papers

    We have recently started Open Access Research (OAR)
    <http://ojs.gsu.edu/oar>, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that will enable greater interaction and facilitate a deeper conversation about open access, including topics such as:

    open access journals
    institutional support for open access
    open access publishing services and software
    open access repositories (both institutional and subject-based)
    electronic theses and dissertations
    the impact of open access on scholarly research and communications.

    If you are engaged in research relating to open access, or if you have an article in mind, please contact us. OAR's first issue will be in August, 2007 and will subsequently be published three times a year. Submissions received by March 31, 2007 will be considered for the August issue; subsequent submissions will be considered for future issues.

    Send inquiries to:

    William Walsh
    Head - Acquisitions
    Georgia State University Library
    100 Decatur St. SE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Editors-in-Chief: John Russell (University of Oregon), Dorothea Salo (George Mason University), William Walsh (Georgia State University), Elizabeth Winter (Georgia Institute of Technology). Please see our website for a full list of editors and editorial board members. Open Access Research is published by the Georgia State University Library using Open Journal Systems (http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs) software.

    Via Skye Hardesty on PAMNET.

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