January 17, 2007

Google Librarian Central Blog

The librarians at Google (sort of liaison librarians to librarians) have started their own blog, Google Librarian Central. It seems like a good idea, a way for a bit more two-way communication between the elephant and the mice. I hope that they turn on comments and that they use the blog to really facilitate a dialogue rather than one-way diffusion of information (like the Official Google Blog), reflecting that they can learn from us just as we can take advantage of the great work that they do. It should be very interesting to see how this evolves over the next little while.

Announcing the Librarian Central Blog

I'm pleased to say that today, we're implementing one of your biggest requests. When we asked how we could improve the Google Librarian Newsletter, many of you said, "Make it a blog!" or "Send more up-to-date information." We've taken your feedback to heart, and we're doing just that. Starting today, the Librarian Center will make its home at http://librariancentral.blogspot.com, where you'll find the latest Google news, updates, and tips relevant to the librarian community. The blog includes links to the Newsletter Archive, the Your Stories page, and the Tools and Videos sections. And of course, we'll continue to add to these pages and develop new features.

We're excited about communicating Google's product and feature launches to you as they happen. You can even sign up to receive these blog posts by email, or choose to read them from your Google Personalized Homepage or Google Reader (or your preferred blog reader). For those of you who still prefer to hear from us on a quarterly basis, we'll continue to send out the Librarian Newsletter, which will include the "best of" the previous months' blog posts. As with many Google launches, consider this blog a beta test, open to refinements and changes over time. We'll be looking closely at your feedback, so please let us know what you think.

Update 2007.01.23:
Good news -- and a good sign. They've turned on commenting for the blog.

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