January 9, 2007

Science Blogging Anthology 2006

Coturnix of A Blog Around the Clock is editing an anthology of the best science blog posts in recent years as part of the hoopla surrounding the upcomming Science Blogging Conference (latest update on the conference is here).

The list of blog postings to be included in the anthology is here; all the nominated posts are here. It looks like a great project, one that definately deserves to be an annual affair. I'll probably get a copy both for myself and the library collection. There's some controversy in the comments concerning the proportion of posts selected from the ScienceBlogs stable, but that just seems to be sour grapes to me. At 46%, it seems about right to me; after all, the whole point of ScienceBlogs is to have the best science bloggers.

I'll post more here as information about getting the book becomes available. It's being published by Lulu.com. I'll also post more here about the conference as the date approaches -- although sadly I won't be attending this year. Maybe next year.

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