January 12, 2007

Friday Fun: Global warming Smackdown! edition

You take your allies where you can, I guess. And the newest convert to the cause of combatting anthropocentric global warming is none other than former WWE wrestler, commentator and current Wall St. tycoon, John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

Take a look at some quotes from a WWE.com story about his recent trip to Antarctica:

The former WWE Champion said his intent was to quell his desire to determine the cause behind global warming. He sought to learn whether man is causing the changing atmospheric conditions or if the globe is in a warming cycle, or a combination of both.

“My take is that man is causing it,” JBL asserted. “The fact that [the earth is] warming is a huge problem, and it’s being exacerbated by CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, most likely caused by man.”


“Global warming’s real,” JBL declared. “If [America wants] to be the economic powerhouse of the future, we have to make sure that this environment stays in tact. I don’t mean to sound like a leftist tree-hugger, but this is simply the fact.”*

Wow. This guy is as conservative as they come, bordering on wingnuttery, and if he's convinced there must be hope for this world.

BYW, don't ask how I came about to read this article...


Anonymous said...

Ask? Why would we need to ask? It's Friday, and we know where your TV will be this evening.

Good grief, Wikipedia has long articles on those Powerhouses of Notability, WWE "wrestlers." Sure is good to see the priorities are straight.

John Dupuis said...

Thanks, Anon. Yeah, kinda silly to out myself on the very next post. Oh well.

As for priorities, whose? The Wikipedia's or JBL's? Wikipedia has no priorities, of course, and it's probably the most usefully comprehensive on pop cultural (and techie) topics anyway. As for JBL's priorities, I do definately think it's a good thing that someone who self-identifies as conservative believes in anthropocentric global warming and is willing to say so in public.

Tv tonight? You bet. How about you?